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The Villages Technology Solutions Group earns opportunity to work with City of Wildwood

October 10, 2011 (Wildwood, Sumter Country, FL) – Wildwood City Commission passed three agenda items pertaining to their continued commitment for improving the City’s technology assets. In the first item passed, the City of Wildwood accepted a proposal from TSG for the provision of email, email archiving, and an upgrade to the City’s website. In thesecond item passed, the City confirmed their commitment by agreeing to upgrade the desktop hardware and software. In the third item, the City approved the acquisition of anti-virus – anti-malware software.

TSG’s Ken Peakman and Danny Graham played integral roles in gathering information, working side-by-side with the City’s Craig McDade. Together they created options allowing the City to start the processing of upgrading while being cognizant of the City’s fiscally conservative nature.

The Villages Technology Solutions Group is proud to have the opportunity to work with the City of Wildwood.

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I am very appreciative of the relationship that the City of Bushnell has established with your company.
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